Magic show using technology

Some light entertainment to help you cope with Monday blues. Check out how techie geeks supplement their income by becoming street magicians. Spectacular effort but umm…. I don’t think real magicians (unlike the techie geek in the video) would show you how the tricks are done at the end of it!


dress me up virtually

With online shopping catching like a virus with retailers & shoppers, this retailer pushes boundaries by introducing a new way to shop online, using Augmented Reality of course. With the virtual dressing room, it takes out some of the guess work from online fashion shopping.

Grain & Pixel did similar activations for Johnnie Walker but perhaps a tad more advanced. There was no need for AR markers, the outfits adjusted in size automatically based on the person’s height & size PLUS all virtual elements appeared on a real mirror.

shadow dance with your ipod

Pretty neat concept for a ipod ad. But then again, Apple doesn’t need much advertising huh?