Doesn’t this look familiar?!

Let’s play a “spot the difference” game.

Now have a look at this BMW video (done in May 2010)

and then have a look at the Volvo one (done in 2009)

While I applaud BMW (singapore) for jumping on the 3D technology bandwagon, with a building projection that’s been technically well executed.

But is it me or does the BMW content & concept look extremely similar to Volvo’s? ┬áThe hands, the 3D tiles, the reference to “life’s ideals” etc

Pretty surprising for a brand like BMW who prides itself as being a cutting edge leader in terms of design & technology. As a consumer & a BMW fan, it’s really troubling to watch a BMW ad and think “Omg, BMW’s trying to be a Volvo!” *shudder*

I guess this could be a case of the agency using technology for technology sake. A little bit more imagination & originality would’ve gone a long way on this one.

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  1. nice comparison …hahaha

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