Interact with your TV ad

To launch the new Honda Jazz, this interactive TV ad campaign (created by W+K London) called “This Unpredictable Life” allows you to literally grab content from the ad as it plays using your iPhone.

In this case, you can grab a character out of the ad. Once you’ve got the character, you can interact with it – For example, singing into the iPhone to make characters dance.

Pretty cool way to keep people from heading to the toilet during a commercial break huh?


Toyota Interactive Wall

Toyota Prius wows with a one-of-a-kind fun & interactive brand experience for the 2011 Detriot Motorshow.

A three-screen multi-touch display in human size presents a trio of slick animated environments, smaller pop-up windows that tout various Toyota Prius features, custom QR codes that visitors can photograph and use elsewhere, windows to contact local Toyota dealers, and activities for children. The animation displayed on the trio of panels rotates in slot machine style so that the front, middle, and rear sections of the car appear to be simultaneously positioned in alternate environments.

The iButterfly Effect

“iButterfly” is an interesting iPhone application using AR, motion sensor, and GPS functions to collect coupons. The creative aspect of it allows users to customise their butterflies by snapping images of their environment. A practical/functional use for it is – through the iButterfly, it will deliver coupons, diverse information and contents which can be shared amongst friends.

Thanks to mediacafe for featuring this.

The perfect alibi

Del Campo/Nazca Saachi & Saatchi’s created this ingenious machine, the Andes “Transporter”, which gave young barflies convincing alibis around Argentina. Installed in bars, the soundproof booth produced ambient sound effects of hospitals, bar mitzvahs, traffic jams–whatever young men needed to persuade their suspicious ladies that they were anywhere but in a bar.

Pac man in the sky

This is abit of a Friday random post. Too cute to resist.

An old skool take on digital signage?










(via youshouldseemyunicorn)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Get your hands (literally & instantly) on the new Ford C-Max

This was similar to a technology/concept we proposed to a notable mobile phone brand. Technology (especially cool ones) moves fast so if you wanna be the first, be quick.

To launch the new Ford C-Max in UK, Ford created a marker-less Augmented Reality experience using JCD’s 6 sheet mall spaces. Using a person’s palm as a marker, the 3D model / advertising experience appears in real time on the user’s hands. What’s a better way to literally put your product into your customer’s hands?

By Ogilvy.