Don’t Advertise, Disrupt – 5 Reasons why you should


This is article “5 reasons Experiential Agencies could disrupt Digital and Traditional Ad Agencies” presents a very convincing case on how the direction advertising, in it’s traditional sense, will inevitably be overtaken by experiential advertising. The reason in a nutshell is one word – Technology. It argues that technology has become so much a ¬†part of almost every consumer’s DNA that they demand more than just clever brand tag lines or passive advertising. The audience is now expecting deeper and more meaningful experience and engagement for them to be convinced by the brand’s merits and offerings.

Definitely worth a read to keep ahead of the changing advert-scape.


Social Media in the Real world

This is a really neat and innovative way of connecting Out of Home billboards with Social Media.

The problem with traditional billboard ads is that it’s too much of a one-way communication with consumers only being able to see (if you can get their attention in the first place) the product.

However ¬†Granatapet paired up with Foursquare to come up with this interactive billboard that targets the customer’s senses using social media integration. When someone checks in next to the billboard location, a sample portion of dog food is dispensed at the bottom of the billboard for the owner’s dog.

I can see so many variations of this application for so many other brands. Seriously, with technology available now, why do advertisers need to settle with just aiming for a 2-3 seconds eyeball when they can get their customers to really experience their product & brand?