Step inside the Circuit: A Johnnie Walker Facebook experience

Step Inside the Circuit

“Developed by Iris Singapore, the new campaign is the latest installment of the ‘Step inside the circuit’ branded content platform that the spirits maker is hosting as part of its sponsorship of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes formula one racing team.

The campaign includes an online video entitled ‘Drive of a Lifetime’ hosted on the company’s Facebook page. The personalised video experience puts users in the F1 racing car driver’s shoes, taking them through pre-race activities up to stepping into the car just before the big race> there are opportunities to interact with the likes of F1 champion drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button along the way.

The Facebook Connect function personalises the film using photos and details from the user’s Facebook account, together with text-to-speech technology and video input from the user’s webcam.

The campaign supports the ‘Drive of a lifetime’ global competition that will see 20 global winners fly to Silverstone, UK in October for three days of training and the opportunity to drive the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 car around the British race track.

Grant Hunter, Iris’ regional creative director for Asia-Pacific, said, “ ‘Step inside the circuit’ transports you into the glamorous world of F1 racing. We are constantly pushing the experiences and content to give people a real feeling of what it’s like to be part of ‘the circuit’. ‘The ultimate drive’ is a highly-personalised piece that has an impressive degree of immersion.” ” ~ Campaign Asia

Experience it here.


Virtual Supermarket in a subway

Tesco in S. Korea pushed boundaries with the humble QR code with this out-of-the-box activation in a subway. The supermarket literally and virtually brought it’s store to the people where they could make online purchases by scanning the item’s QR codes with their smartphones.



Facebook “Like” in the real world

Hyundai brought the facebook “Like” function into their stand at the biggest automotive event in Netherlands – the AutoRai 2011. By including social media engagement at their stand it ramped up their offline and online success.
By easily connecting a tag to their Facebook account, Hyundai visitors were able to instantly share their favourite Hyundai cars with their Facebook friends in an exciting and fun way. Just a quick scan of the the special tag on one of the sleek pillars placed next to each Hyundai model, and a “Like” post was automatically placed on their Facebook wall.
Using this cutting-edge method, Hyundai achieved some fascinating results. During the event more than 10.000 “Likes” were posted on Facebook, reaching approximately 2,000,000 people online and the Dutch division of Hyundai made 1000 new friends on its freshly created Facebook page.

Creative concept by agency Fitzroy Amsterdam
For client Hyundai
Technical execution Hyundai at AutoRai by SowiSocial


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