A Fridge that Tweets!

We’re beginning to see more and more campaigns that bridges the world of social media & the physical one. In this case, BonaFont, a bottled water brand, created this brilliant experience of a tweeting fridge. Yes a fridge that sends out a tweet every time you open it! The aim was to remind people to drink water more often.

How it worked:

Bonafont sent a mini fridge with 2 liters of bonafont water to celebrity writers/bloggers. Every time the fridge door opened, a tweet was automatically posted on her twitter telling her fans she was drinking water and motivating them to do the same.

To keep the message going, new personalities would join the cause. Bonafont effectively reminds millions of people to drink 2 liters of water everyday.


Interact with your TV ad

To launch the new Honda Jazz, this interactive TV ad campaign (created by W+K London) called “This Unpredictable Life” allows you to literally grab content from the ad as it plays using your iPhone.

In this case, you can grab a character out of the ad. Once you’ve got the character, you can interact with it – For example, singing into the iPhone to make characters dance.

Pretty cool way to keep people from heading to the toilet during a commercial break huh?

The iButterfly Effect

“iButterfly” is an interesting iPhone application using AR, motion sensor, and GPS functions to collect coupons. The creative aspect of it allows users to customise their butterflies by snapping images of their environment. A practical/functional use for it is – through the iButterfly, it will deliver coupons, diverse information and contents which can be shared amongst friends.

Thanks to mediacafe for featuring this.

Pac man in the sky

This is abit of a Friday random post. Too cute to resist.

An old skool take on digital signage?










(via youshouldseemyunicorn)

Have a great weekend everyone!

glamour goes digital

Enter the beauty section of any department store/pharmacy, you’ll be hit by vast amount of choices, it’s almost impossible to try on all the products. And then technology steps in.  This magic cosmetic mirror that offers a instantaneous digital makeover would make beauty shopping so much easier, faster and alot more fun.

Perhaps adding on a “look-like your favourite celebrity” section to the interactivity would have been cool too. Which look would you choose Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?

Another use for your iPad

There’s so much hype about the iPad and interesting enough there are 2 camps of people, those who LOVE them and those who (God forbid) HATE them. Well for those who find iPad completely useless for whatever reason, here’s maybe one way to find some use for it. And for those who LOVE them and can’t get enough of it, buy a iPad bookend.


iPad bookend




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