Projection Gaming

What’s better than fancy projection mapping? An interactive one. Good stuff done by Chelsea Football Club.


4D Fashion CatWalk Show by Ralph Lauren London

This is jaw dropping incredible. Very very awesome move away from the usual fashion catwalk showcase to something truly spectacular.

Nicely done Interactive Retail Storefront

A retail window for a streetwear brand – The breakdancer (?) who looks like he’s within a room in the store reacts to passerby’s movements in a cool & synchronized manner.

It’s about time retail storefront gets a digital update….compare this with your usual deadpan mannequins! Nicely done.

Mini Vending Machine


MINI has created a Vending Machine displayed as the largest-ever fully-interactive night projection in Canada . It showcases the latest 2011 MINIs in a variety of different colour combinations and accessories.

Passersby can interact with the projection by texting to a short code to select the MINI of their choice. This triggers the MINI they’ve selected to drive around in a fun animation, making its way down to the bottom of the vending machine in trademark cheeky MINI style. As the animation plays, a personalized-response SMS message is dispatched to the participant.



This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!


Eye Candy

I apologise for the long absence in entries, been snowed under by pitches.

Here’s some eye candy to share. Just imagine if this is done LIVE using our Mixed Reality Hologram. Absolutely awesome.

Sending a little sunshine along your way

It’s been a really wet & rainy year so far. With Sydney getting record rain levels (2 straight weeks of rain & more rain has been a real spirit damper!) and Singapore’s recent shocking floods at their main shopping district Orchard Road, I think we’re in need of a little sunshine.

And so you have it, here’s sending you some sunshine that works at night even!

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