Projection Gaming

What’s better than fancy projection mapping? An interactive one. Good stuff done by Chelsea Football Club.


4D Fashion CatWalk Show by Ralph Lauren London

This is jaw dropping incredible. Very very awesome move away from the usual fashion catwalk showcase to something truly spectacular.


This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!


Eye Candy

I apologise for the long absence in entries, been snowed under by pitches.

Here’s some eye candy to share. Just imagine if this is done LIVE using our Mixed Reality Hologram. Absolutely awesome.

Sending a little sunshine along your way

It’s been a really wet & rainy year so far. With Sydney getting record rain levels (2 straight weeks of rain & more rain has been a real spirit damper!) and Singapore’s recentĀ shocking floods at their main shopping district Orchard Road, I think we’re in need of a little sunshine.

And so you have it, here’s sending you some sunshine that works at night even!

More projection mapping, another beautifully executed show

Ok so, I’m going through a phase now with projection mapping on objects. It’s just so mesmerizing to watch static objects & products come alive with beautifully projected imageries. The creative possibilities are endless with projection mapping. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

Here’s another example:

Great idea, beautiful ride: VW Tiguan

In my last post, I featured building projection mapping & Auto brands. It seems like projection mapping on buildings are becoming more & more common, technology has gone a step further with mapping on the product itself.

This is one beautifully executed piece by VW for the VW Tiguan (i LOVE that car!):

Well done VW.