Facebook in Retail ShopsLet your friends know what you “Like” the next time you go shopping


Digital Interface for Showcase of Audi’s concept car

Innovative use of QR codes by Heineken

Innovative use of QR codes, turning a music fest into a interactive experience.
I think it’ll be so much cooler if Augmented Reality was used. Imagine being able to point your mobile at the guy next to you and instantly see his “profile” appearing next to him. What do you think?

National Geographic brings the wilderness to shoppers

Awesome use of AR, just love seeing these large scale applications of the technology.

Nicely done.

Projection Gaming

What’s better than fancy projection mapping? An interactive one. Good stuff done by Chelsea Football Club.

Another win for grain and pixel

Happy to report another win for grain & pixel in the Singapore Media Awards 2011 for the “Best Use of Outdoor”, this time for the MasterCard GSS campaign where an Augmented Reality experience was created for MasterCard holders.

Our very first win in this category was for the Nokia Comes with Music campaign in 2009.


Gratifying to know recognition is given to the value in innovative outdoor activations, all made possible through the use of technology!

Why Ad Agencies should act more like Tech start ups

Quoting from a brilliant article written for Cannes Lions 2011 “Why Ad agencies should act more like tech start ups” :

“The big part of this industry is still relegating technology just as an execution, a production task, and not as a strategic point of view. If we take any cues from thee startups of the last decade, leveraging technology in a simple and creative way will get us closer to capturing the hearts and minds of consumers of the 21st century.”

This cannot more perfectly sum up all we’ve been preaching since the inception of grain&pixel 2007.The first agency who steps up in this direction would no doubt be a formidable force. Sadly so far we’ve seen technology used in a hurried manner and more as a after thought, diluting it’s potential for connecting brand with consumer. We live in a world where almost everyone cannot live without technology in their daily lives, it’s about time advertising play catch up and speak the same language.

Read the rest of the article here.