An Augmented Reality Experience you just can’t ignore

An immersive experience using Augmented Reality and a Large Format LED board in London. This gels perfectly with the concept of Angels Falling from the Sky.

We’d love to do an execution like this in the Westfield mall’s LED boards! or  in the (too many) LED boards that populate the streets of Singapore.


4D Fashion CatWalk Show by Ralph Lauren London

This is jaw dropping incredible. Very very awesome move away from the usual fashion catwalk showcase to something truly spectacular.

Nicely done Interactive Retail Storefront

A retail window for a streetwear brand – The breakdancer (?) who looks like he’s within a room in the store reacts to passerby’s movements in a cool & synchronized manner.

It’s about time retail storefront gets a digital update….compare this with your usual deadpan mannequins! Nicely done.