What the F**K is Social Media Now?

A must read.


Horror porn?

This video’s been spreading like a virus and deservingly so! (1.2m viewers in 2 days)

SO guys, beware when visiting naughty sites or chatting up girls online….you never know who’s watching!

Olympus Augmented Reality

Olympus showcase their latest state-of-the-art-camera by giving their customers a hi-tech interactive experience using Augmented Reality.

Smile & the (whole) world…. gives you an ice-cream AND a can of coke

Two really cute campaigns with loads of feel good factors. One extremely high-tech with the ability to detect a person smiling and the other, extremely analog but just as hilarious!

No wonder these two videos are going viral on youtube.

Would love to see more of such entertaining activations, afterall who won’t want a good laugh? TGIF everyone!