Facebook in Retail ShopsLet your friends know what you “Like” the next time you go shopping


Digital Interface for Showcase of Audi’s concept car

Innovative use of QR codes by Heineken

Innovative use of QR codes, turning a music fest into a interactive experience.
I think it’ll be so much cooler if Augmented Reality was used. Imagine being able to point your mobile at the guy next to you and instantly see his “profile” appearing next to him. What do you think?

Another win for grain and pixel

Happy to report another win for grain & pixel in the Singapore Media Awards 2011 for the “Best Use of Outdoor”, this time for the MasterCard GSS campaign where an Augmented Reality experience was created for MasterCard holders.

Our very first win in this category was for the Nokia Comes with Music campaign in 2009.


Gratifying to know recognition is given to the value in innovative outdoor activations, all made possible through the use of technology!

The Future of Fashion Retail Window Displays? I wish!

Would love to see this happening at a Bonds retail display and I guess guys would wish it on a victoria secret store =)

But seriously why use dummies when you can use hot blooded men (or women).

The Post-digital age is here

A insightful article from AdNews by Jeremy Nicholas:

“Digital is not a “New Media” anymore, and is an accepted component in marketing. The best work in this post-digital age blends digital with physical elements…..Campaigns such as Nike’s “Chalkbot” and VWs “Fun Theory”, blend the digital and the physical to create tangible expressions of the brand’s values. These campaigns, and many others like it, take digital beyond the digital environments and create physical experiences which are both compelling to the participants, and to others who see it through broadcast channels.”

The Power of Being Brave

This article has been sitting in my hard-drive since early 2008.

In 2008, it was inspiration for the founding of grain&pixel, where we started from ground zero with little track-record, breaking into a niche that didn’t quite exist. All we had was the hope that advertisers would embrace the idea of being different, taking risk & being brave.

Through the journey, we’ve seen our share of detractors raining our parade, (who were thankfully not our clients but internal ones) but we persevered.

Fast forward to 2010, we’re proud to be able to validate the article. True brand leaders like Nokia, MasterCard,¬†Hewlett-Packard, Diageo (Johnnie Walker), Diet Coke, OPSM, Sunglass Hut, Microsoft (Xbox) took the leap of faith with us in creating revolutionary activations using cutting edge technologies. Grain&Pixel created many media firsts all over the world. We’re immensely proud (& grateful) of our clients who had the courage to step out of convention.