Do we really want to see more car ads?

There’re so many car ads out there that it’s often hard to differentiate them and if you can’t differentiate them, it’s hard to keep you interested.

So this latest AR campaign by Audi was a real refreshing change.

Visually, the calendar works beautifully as well. Commercially, Audi gets amazing 12 months worth of brand mileage on their advertising dollar.

It’s inspiring to see how the creative boundaries of augmented reality are being pushed ¬†with such innovative work.


Be Stupid (or not)

OMG, I’m so LOVING these new works by Diesel!

Just yesterday I posted an article about how the post-digital age is about blending the digital with the physical world.

Diesel in their recent activations shows us just how, in a refreshing and fun way.

First they connected their physical stores with digital:

Then next, they made a dig at digital in the physical world called “Facepark”:

I think their brand value has just sky-rocketed (in my eyes anyway)

Absolutely genius!

The Post-digital age is here

A insightful article from AdNews by Jeremy Nicholas:

“Digital is not a “New Media” anymore, and is an accepted component in marketing. The best work in this post-digital age blends digital with physical elements…..Campaigns such as Nike’s “Chalkbot” and VWs “Fun Theory”, blend the digital and the physical to create tangible expressions of the brand’s values. These campaigns, and many others like it, take digital beyond the digital environments and create physical experiences which are both compelling to the participants, and to others who see it through broadcast channels.”

Digital Goddess is Forever 21 Times Square NYC

When this blog first started, we featured a digital installation “Hand from above”, at that time it was just a techie experiment.

Forever 21 has cleverly adopted the technology for a real standout ad at Times Square’s giant billboard. A giant model literally grabbed the crowd’s attention by plucking someone from the crowd and tossing him/her aside, kisses them or turn them into a fog.

The billboard relies on technology that’s usually used in government or security surveillance, and ¬†Forever21 had to consult surveillance experts to pull it off. The software even picks up the yellow of the Forever 21 bag, so that anyone holding one is more likely to get noticed by the model.

A truly awesome use of new media technologies with loads of WOW factors!

Another use for your iPad

There’s so much hype about the iPad and interesting enough there are 2 camps of people, those who LOVE them and those who (God forbid) HATE them. Well for those who find iPad completely useless for whatever reason, here’s maybe one way to find some use for it. And for those who LOVE them and can’t get enough of it, buy a iPad bookend.


iPad bookend